Ideas for lovely homemade baby shower favors

Giving out homemade baby shower favors always makes a great impact! The fact that you made them yourself gives your gift a warmth that no purchased favor can match. It need not be very difficult or time consuming to make your own cute items for a shower. Some of the best ideas for such baby items and crafts are the simplest ones.

If you’re handy in the kitchen and enjoy it, you might want to try out this favor idea. Make chocolates – but not in any of the usual shapes. Create them in various baby related shapes to fit the shower theme. Make them look like pacifiers, baby bottles, rattles, teddy bears, and other such items. Package these homemade chocolates beautifully. Present a bunch (perhaps wrapped in tulle) to each guest. Perfect crafts for showers!

Here’s another simple homemade favor idea. If you know how to, make small fragrant soaps. Again, use baby related shapes like baby bottles, teething ring, etc. Get a supply of those cute little gift bags – they’re available in wide variety. Use them to pack the homemade soap in. This is a wonderful favor to give at showers.

Perhaps you don’t want to mess around making things for favors – maybe you’re not the ‘crafty’ type! In that case, buy lots of candies in various colors. Also buy attractive tulle and various colored ribbons. Pack a bunch of candies in tulle, tie cute little bows to close each package. Makes adorable shower favors for your event! And they are homemade since you made them yourself!

The best ideas are those that you come up with yourself. Use the above tips to start your own creative process. And come up with homemade favors that are real hits at showers!