The five best baby shower gift ideas

Many folks grope in the dark when trying to think of baby shower gift ideas. That’s why we compiled this selection of the very best, unique gifts for showers. This is based on the real-life experiences of many parents. These are items that parents will be thankful for, once the little one arrives.

So let’s get into the top picks. These unique baby shower gifts that go way beyond the usual diapers, clothes or packs of lotions.

Top gift idea: Sandman’s helper

What’s the best gift you can give parents to be? To find an answer, ask another question – what’s the single most bothersome issue facing new parents? For many parents, the answer is – getting baby to sleep. That’s why our top pick among unique shower gifts is a pack that some call ‘Sandman’s helper’.

This is simply a collection of products that many have found useful in getting the little one to sleep. It consists of a CD with special, soothing ‘baby music’, a night lamp and a crib mobile. Great ideas for gifts at a shower.

Several companies have developed music they claim will help baby sleep. Does this work with all babies or all the time with a specific baby? Of course not. But the right music, along with the other items, will likely help many babies.

Chances are, the parents will be very pleased with your thoughtful and quite unique gift idea for their shower once baby arrives!

Gift idea # 2: Activity gym

Babies love to stay active and play. That’s why an activity gym or a playpen is among the best gift ideas for showers.

This consists of a baby-friendly structure of bars placed on a soft play mat. Toys of various kinds are suspended from the bars, within easy reach of baby. You can get playpens with toys of different textures to develop her sense of touch, a variety of colors and some even include noisemakers to keep her entertained. Sometimes you can choose these items so you have a truly unique present.

Many playpens are lightweight and fully portable, making it useful for travel. Overall, they’re superb, unique ideas for presents at showers.

Gift idea # 3: Monitors

Being able to keep watch over baby from whichever room you happen to be in is a great stress-buster for new parents. Monitors are an excellent idea – parents’ confidence levels zoom when they use one.

Monitors available today are highly sensitive and can pick up slight sounds like baby’s breathing. You can even buy video monitors, depending on your budget. Although they’re more expensive, they’re also highly functional.

Gift idea # 4: Car seat

A well-designed, comfy infant car seat (that’s safety standards compliant) is a unique present that fits showers well.

You could buy infant car seats as well as convertible infant-toddler seats. The first is for use till baby is about 22 pounds or so and the second one can generally be used till she’s one year old.

Either is an excellent idea at baby showers.

Gift idea # 5: Diaper cakes

You can get stunning diaper cakes nowadays. They’re not edible cakes – rather, they’re unique infant gifts packed with products like diapers, bottles, bibs, receiving blankets, rattles and other things. They’re arranged in tiers and beautifully packaged.

Diaper cakes give the expectant parents a lot of things they need – all in an eye-catching package! It’s easy to see why they’re a favorite baby shower gift.

Choose one from this list of top five unique, useful gift ideas for baby showers. You’re sure to delight the guest of honor!