Easy, step-by-step diaper cake instructions

These simple diaper cake instructions will help you make a lovely baby shower cake. The instructions below are not very difficult to execute. It is best to start a few days ahead of the shower; so you won’t have to hurry through them.

First, go shopping for the diaper cakes ‘ingredients’ before we get into the actual instructions. Here’s the shopping list for making cakes for showers:

* You’ll need disposable diapers – without those, there’s no diaper cake! For a medium-sized baby cake, you’ll need about 45 – 55 diapers. It’s not possible to be sure of exactly how many will be used; just hand over any excess diapers to mom-to-be at the shower.
* The shower cake needs a base. Buy a platter of metal, cardboard or any other material that’s fairly stiff. Diameter – around 14″ – 16″.
* As the focal point for the diaper cake, buy a baby bottle, or other similar baby item.
* Get two types of ribbons. A 10 foot length of 1″ wide ribbon and about 60 – 80 feet of narrower ribbon. You’ll have to tie each diaper into a roll – that’s what the narrow ribbon is used for. Later in these instructions, we’ll see exactly how.
* Buy more baby supplies – pacifier, baby hair brush, bibs, booties, socks, shampoo, etc. These are typical ingredients in these cakes.
* Also get something to fill the baby bottle with. Like individually wrapped small chocolates, candies, etc. Great for showers.
* Buy clear cellophane of good quality. This is for the final wrapping and is essential for great looking cakes. We’ll instruct you how to use it.
* Adhesive tape to hold the shower cake together.

You can make shower cakes all by yourself – I’ve done it several times and have instructed others who did the same. But if possible, have someone to help you. It will go faster and be a whole lot more fun.

Roll the diapers

That’s the first instruction. Tie each diaper individually into a roll. Cut a one-foot length of the narrow ribbon, roll up a diaper and tie the ribbon securely around it.

You can spread this out over several sessions if you’re working by yourself. Some people find this instruction tedious, so do get help if you need to.

Make the cake’s tiers

These instructions are for three-tier cakes. First, the top tier. Take out the baby bottle and fill it with the chocolates / candies you bought. Stand the bottle on a flat surface. Next, take about 5 – 7 rolled diapers and stand them around the bottle in a tight circle. Secure all the diapers into place using a length of ribbon. That completes the top tier.

We’ll make the middle tier next. First, make a small inner circle using around 5 – 8 rolled diapers in standing position. Secure with ribbon. Now arrange about 13 – 18 diapers around this small circle. Pack them tightly, secure with a ribbon length. You’ve done the second tier.

Repeat the process with about 25-35 diapers for the bottom tier. You’ve done a large part of the instructions already!

Secure the diaper tiers

Your diaper cake is taking shape now! Don’t you feel the thrill of walking into a shower and seeing all heads turn to look at your cake?

First, secure the largest diaper tier to the platter you bought with pieces of adhesive tape. Take care not to use too much tape or the diapers will become unusable. But do make sure the tier is securely fixed to the platter. This is a key instruction – you don’t want the cake tipping over as you carry it.

Attach the middle tier to the lower tier similarly. The smallest tier, with the baby bottle at the center, goes on top.

These instructions are not so hard, are they?

Fix the cute baby items

Tuck pacifiers, baby brush, etc into the ribbons around the three tiers. You may want to use additional ribbons.

Finish the cake

Here’s the final instruction. Spread out a large sheet of cellophane on a flat surface. Place the diaper cake at its center. Gather the cellophane around the cake and bunch it together artistically at the top. Secure the top with a beautiful bow.

You now have a diaper cake that’s thing of beauty! Watch the delight in mommy-to-be’s eyes when you walk into the shower bearing your creation!