5 reasons why diaper cakes make great gifts at baby showers

Diaper cakes and baby showers are tailor made for each other! They’re one of the best presents you can give mommy-to-be at her shower. These cakes are certainly a very popular gift at these celebrations. And one that’s much appreciated by the expectant mom!

Here are five reasons why baby shower cakes (as these ‘diaper creations’ are also known) are great presents for mommy-to-be at showers:

1) These cakes are made entirely of baby essentials. Like diapers (the main ingredient), bottles, booties, socks, bibs, small toys, receiving blankets… the list can go on. The cake usually contains many different diaper sizes, so they’re useful as baby keeps growing. In effect, mommy-to-be gets a whole lot of baby stuff at one shot. No wonder she’s happy with this diaper filled cake!

2) These special cakes look really fabulous. They’re arranged in tiers, like a traditional cake (these tiers are made of diapers). The other cute baby stuff is tucked into various spots on the tiers. The whole assembly is beautifully packaged with transparent cellophane and tied with a lovely bow. They’re huge, eye-catching and a real head-turner!

3) Does your shower have a theme? You can likely find a cake that fits that theme. That makes your selection easier and makes your gift even more special. And the cake makes a wonderful centerpiece at the party.

4) If you’re buying a shower cake, in many cases you can choose the ‘ingredients’. Diapers, of course, are a must. A lot of the other items that go into a cake can be handpicked, which means you have a unique gift which is unlike what anyone else may give.

5) If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can even make cakes yourself. See this page for instructions on how to make a cake. It’s quite easy, though it does need a bit of patience to get it just right. That way your gift has a genuine personal touch.