Six things you must consider when choosing baby shower food

Mouthwatering baby shower food is one reason why people love baby showers! It’s true that good food can elevate the mood and level of any party. At the same time, because of the nature of this event, there are a few key points to be kept in mind.

1) Many women have very different food preferences when they’re pregnant as against at other times. So you must check with mom-to-be before finalizing the menu. This is especially true if you’re tempted to include certain foods you know she normally likes. Plus, she may have her own ideas about what baby shower recipes she wants.

2) Have only those foods at the baby shower that mommy-to-be can eat safely. First off, her doctor may have advised her to stay off certain kinds of food. Even otherwise, her immune system tends to be weaker than usual. That’s something to consider when you are tempted by tasty recipes for the baby shower.

3) Foods to avoid at a baby shower include blue veined cheeses like Camembert, Brie, etc. These are bacteria rich and may cause problems. Avoid undercooked meat or fish. In fact, fish is often considered unsafe thanks to mercury contamination issues. That cuts out many recipes for showers. Alcohol is almost always to be avoided.

4) You know what’s a real problem for many guests? Eating a meal balancing a plate on their lap! Their focus is not on enjoying the meal – it’s on how to avoid ‘decorating’ your carpet with the food! It’s good etiquette to provide tables at baby showers so that everyone can enjoy their food in peace. Otherwise your painstaking selection of recipes and food will be in vain.

5) Don’t skimp on the quantities of various foods. Often, more food gets consumed at showers than the hostess had bargained for. The same applies to other things like baby shower favors. So if that yum sounding recipe says ‘serves 12’ and you have exactly 12 confirmed for the shower, do consider having additional quantities available!

6) Lastly, this is mommy-to-be’s day to be pampered and fussed over. So with all aspects of baby showers, including recipe selection, food preparation, etc do take her wishes into account.

Baby showers are all about having fun – so let the fun flow right from deciding what recipes sound best to sitting down and enjoying great food!