Seven points your baby shower invitation wording must cover

Getting the baby shower invitation wording right is quite important because that’s what conveys the critical first impression. An effective invite must also carry the party mood and be in sync with your party theme, if any.

There are some key pieces of information most baby shower invites must include. That’s why you’ll find it useful to review the following checklist of what goes into invitation wordings. Not all items may apply to you, depending on the kind of showers you’re planning on.

  1. Basic info in invites – names of the guest of honor and her spouse, name of the hostess. Date, time of the baby shower.
  2. Your wording should include the full street address and contact details, including phone numbers, email. Include a map in your invitation if many guests are not familiar with the shower’s venue.
  3. Request an RSVP by a date approximately 2 weeks prior to the baby shower, even though many won’t respond. The above three areas should be part of all invitation wordings.
  4. Mention where mommy-to-be is registered for baby gifts. It’s ok these days to state this in invitations. But if you feel uncomfortable doing so, just inform guests when they call up to RSVP. Many will ask anyway.
  5. Double check to make sure your invite’s wording is clear on exactly who’s being invited. Is it only the person to whom the invitation is addressed, does it include her spouse? Kids? This, of course, depends on the kind of baby shower you want.
  6. Is the baby shower a surprise for mommy-to-be? If so, mention the fact in the invitation. Or in a separate note that goes along with the invite. Else someone might call her up and really ‘surprise’ her prematurely!
  7. Special requirements, if any, should be included in shower invite wordings. For instance, dress codes to fit a shower theme, advance preparations needed for a game, etc. These kinds of details are very important in designing invitations and wordings!

Incorporate these seven points into your baby shower invitation and get your event off to a memorable start!