Baby shower decoration ideas that slash your costs and are easy to do

Great baby shower decoration ideas need not be heavy on your pocketbook! In fact, decorations are more about using your imagination than your money. Here are some of the best available.

What’s our pick for the top decoration idea? Well, that’s a tough question, but we believe diaper cakes deserve special mention as centerpiece ideas. You’ll find a couple of other pages on baby shower cakes, so we won’t go into them in detail here. But basically, they’re terrific gifts to give at baby showers, as well as a great item to use as a centerpiece decoration.

Balloons make perfect baby shower decorations

Balloons mean parties! Here’s how you can use them to decorate baby showers.

Tie up a bunch of helium balloons. Always use an odd number for decorations. Use infant items as anchors for balloons. Like booties, plush toys, feeding bottles filled with water, packs of lotions, soaps, etc.

It’s a good idea to place balloons on each table. Create color spots at each table.

Here’s another useful idea – decorate the gifts table with balloons. Use several balloon bunches to give it a special look at baby showers. If you have large gifts like strollers, tie balloon bunches to them as well.

Transform mommy-to-be’s chair into a ‘throne’ by tying balloon bunches to it. Use streamers on the chair as well. She should get the idea that she’s royalty – after all, it’s her party!

While using balloons as baby shower decorations, take care to position them about 7 feet above the ground. The idea is to ensure that vision is not obstructed.

Here’s a money saver idea. When buying balloons and other supplies, try your local dollar store. They’ll usually have many items cheaper than most party stores.

Tulle is a wonderful shower decoration idea

Get tulle at a fabric store or clearance sale. Take small white Christmas lights and run them through the tulle. Bunch up the tulle and place it on a table at the baby shower. It’ll look like a lovely snowy white mountain with diffuse light coming thru – this is a perfect shower decoration idea!

You can also hang tulle around the room like a swag valance. Wrap small lights around it and hang baby items like bottles, etc from it. This is another wonderful decoration idea that’s just right for baby showers.

Try out some of these ideas for decorations at baby showers. Combine them, add a twist of your own and create celebrations everyone raves about!